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Prisoners Abroad -we can help

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The plight of a 19-year-old British lady hit the news last week, culminating in reports of her being sentenced by a Cypriot court for making what was said to be a false rape allegation. There are many features of this particular case that have caused alarm, and it brings into sharp focus the different legal systems that operate in other parts of the world.

Relatives back in the UK often need to react quickly to assist relatives and friends, and this is something that we can help you with.

The first step is to ensure that consular assistance is provided – the speed of response will very much depend on the location of arrest and detention, as well as local custom. There may also be sensitive political considerations that need to be delicately balanced.

We can ensure that the local consulate has been appropriately notified and liaise with them as to the next steps.

It is important to note that consular assistance does not extend to providing funds for legal advice, so an arrested person will be dependent on any local equivalent to our legal aid scheme unless family and friends can help. In some cases, a person may need to resort to charitable ventures.

The quality of legal advice and assistance abroad is somewhat variable. We can use our contacts to ensure that a competent lawyer is in place to represent your loved one.

The legal system in other countries can be very different from that in the UK, and the process is often prolonged. The primary consideration will be trying to secure bail, although as for foreign nationals charged in the UK, this is not always a certainty.

If you are outside the UK and have a friend or relative detained here pending trial on criminal charges, we can offer considerable expertise.

Securing bail can be difficult, depending on the allegation brought, but it is by no means impossible. We can discuss all available options with you. If being granted bail is not an option, we can assist with prison visits and arrangements for sending items to a person detained in a UK prison.

No matter what the charge is, our dedicated and experienced team will ensure all is done to secure the very best outcome.

With the consent of our client, we can liaise closely with you during the process, providing reassurance to those back home at a most challenging time. It is often not knowing what is going to happen, that is the most difficult for people to deal with.

So, if you have any concerns about a friend or relative, do not suffer in silence, get in touch.



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If you need specialist advice in relation to any criminal investigation or prosecution, then get in touch with jeremy betts on 01634 544544 -and let us help. We can advise on all aspects of your case.

Gun Amnesty

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Gun Amnesty A two-week gun amnesty begins today across the UK. In this period people will have an opportunity to dispose of firearms and ammunition safely, with ‘no questions asked’. Who are the police reaching out to? The amnesty is directed at two distinct groups of people, firstly those who know they are in possession of illegal weapons or ammunition, and secondly those who are perhaps innocent custodians of a weapon and possibly even unsure as to its legal status, but too frightened to do anything about it. If I have a weapon what should I do? You should ring 101 and make arrangements with the police. They will either direct you to take it to a nominated police station or arrange for its collection. You do not have to give the police any information about yourself or the weapon if you do not wish to do so. Will, I face prosecution? You will not be prosecuted for possessing the weapon/ammunition at the point of handover. However, it may be inspected further to see whether it can be connected to any criminal offences. If the weapon has been used in criminal activity, this will give rise to further investigation, and the amnesty will not prevent the police pursuing people for those offences. How we can help If you wish to take advantage of the amnesty but are worried about criminal liability, then please contact us urgently so that we can give specific advice on this matter. Contact Jeremy Betts on 01634 544544 or

Medway man receives 6 months less driving ban

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Mr C pleaded guilty to an allegation of driving over the limit . He had a recorded reading of 89mg where the legal limit is 35mg. He would normally expect a disqualification of 0ver 22 months but Jeremy Betts of mybrief solicitors managed to mitigate a reduction to only 17 months ban. Mr c was very remorseful and was aware of the possible consequences. Fortunately in this case no one was injured . Jeremy after the hearing said ” ..taking into account the court offering him the drink drive rehabilitation course , he will be able to drive again in October next year.” Mr C was highly delighted and appreciated he was very fortunate.

80 Mph and only gets 5 penalty points

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Mr F was alleged to have been speeding at 80 mph in a 40 mph zone on the outskirts of Sevenoaks in Kent. He maintained that although he was over the limit it was much less than the police stated. The prosecution relied on police officers looking at their speedometer. My brief solicitors asked for a Newton hearing to resolve the issue. The police officers failed to attend and the court therefore had to accept Mr F’s version . Theyonly awarded him 5 penalty points instead of 54 days disqualification. Jeremy Betts ,defending said “it was a shame the police officers did not attend but my client was sure he only was ping a much lesser speed. The prosecution relying on just a speedometer reading would always be difficult for them to uphold.”

Drug Cultivation Discharged

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Mr Mark J faced a serious allegation of producing cannabis plants at an address in Rainham Kent. He appeared at Medway Magistrates Court, pleaded not guilty and elected crown court trial. However at the committal hearing the case was thrown out. He was highly delighted and praised My brief Solicitors in Chatham for their persistence in advancing his defence and the highly professional way they approached his case. His only concern was that it was such an excellent result that others may think he had cooperated with the police! Jeremy Betts assured him that if they were local then they would have been aware of the excellent work My brief Solicitors do on behalf of their client.

Man walks free

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Mr L walked free today from a false accusation of solicitation along New Road, Chatham Kent. The Crown Prosecution Service discontinued the charge against him as the police failed to secure vital CCTV evidence which would have helped him in his defence. Mr Betts senior solicitor at My brief Solicitors in Chatham said ” This was a just result for a man who had been through over six months of stress and worry. He would not have had a fair trial if it proceeded.”

“12 points” but gets short disqualification

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Mr P only received a short driving ban and 12 points at Maidstone Magistrates Court rather than being banned for SIX MONTHS under the totting up rules. It was Mr P’s 4th speeding offence and he was already on 9 points. The new speeding offence could have led to another 3 points and him being banned from driving for six months. This would have had dire consequences for him and his family. Mr Betts from My brief Solicitors successfully argued that the court should only ban him for the present offence and they agreed. He was only disqualified for 28 days.

109 mph and only gets points

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109 mph and only gets points

Mr Betts Managing Director of this firm represented Mr C who had been stopped by the police having recorded his vehicle as travelling over 109 mph along the motorway. The Magistrates guidelines indicated that a high period of disqualification of up to 56 days would be appropriate.

But for Mr C that would be disastrous. He is an HGV driver and that would mean he would lose his livelihood.

Mr Betts managed to persuade the court to only impose 6 penalty points as well as fine and costs.

Mr C was highly delighted as this had been over his head since the incident in July.

If you find yourself in a difficult position, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Drugs “supplier” walks

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Once again we have used our expertise of the criminal law in the case of Miss B who was charged with 2 offences to supply drugs. She has had her charges thrown out despite the court trying to send her to the crown court.