Save Your Licence

Speeding Offence This is the one area where you are likely to receive penalty points than any other area of driving law. It is especially important if you use your car for work and you are already on 6- 9 points , as any more points may lead to your licence being taken away from you. Even if you have a clean licence , any points may lead to higher insurance premiums and you may feel that you were not to blame. My brief solicitors recognise that it is important to you and will fully advise you as to your options. Even if you have no option but to “put your hands up” and accept the offence , we can help to lessen the penalty through our expertise. The vast majority of speeding prosecutions go unchallenged and motorists frequently accept speeding convictions without ever attending Court. Of greatest concern is the fact that many motorists accept fixed penalty offers without ever viewing the evidence against them, and without knowing whether the offence alleged could ever be proven in Court. This means that motorists often end up with unnecessary points on their driving licence, or worse a disqualification, which could have been avoided had expert legal advice been obtained. In order to successfully challenge a speeding allegation you will need to enlist the assistance of a solicitor. My brief solicitors know how these offences are prosecuted and will offer expert cross examination, which is essential to cast doubt on the evidence against you.

Case Study

Mr H was summons for going through a red light in St.Albans in 21st December 2010. He was facing 3 points and as he already had 9 points would have been disqualified from driving and would have lost his employment. We were able to advance special reasons to the magistrates, explaining that due to the very cold weather his brakes locked and the momentum of the skid sent his lorry over the stop line. The Magistrates accepted this and let him off with a conditional discharge (the lowest sentence available). This meant he had NO COSTS AND NO POINTS !! Another great result. So if you have any driving problems do not delay and contact us today.