New Drivers

New Drivers

You are at real risk of losing your licence within the first 2 years of passing your test than at any other time.
This is because your driving licence will be revoked if you obtain six or more penalty points within the first 2 years of passing your first driving test.
This will lead to your licence being removed and you will have to sit all the driving tests both theory and practical again.

If you have had any penalty points prior to your first driving test these are not taken into account when you pass. You still can have your driving licence even if you had six points or more. BUT if you gain further points that total six or more then your licence will be revoked.

Remember it is the date of the offence that is important not the date of conviction. so even after 2 years if you committed an offence within those last 24 months you would still be liable to have your licence taken away.

Your licence can be revoked by the DVLA without you even going to court.
It is very important that you contact us if you think you may fall foul of these provisions.

My brief solicitors can help guide you through the procedure and in some cases can successfully help you avoid disqualification even if you at risk.
So don’t delay contact us today.
remember having regrets won’t help. Having my brief probably will.