Losing your Licence – 12 points or more

12 points or more -“Totting up”

Totting Up

Most traffic violations carry penalty points rather than a disqualification. In today’s society we are required to drive more and more and, unfortunately, this makes it increasingly difficult to maintain a clean driving licence, which is free of penalty points.

When a driver’s licence is endorsed with 12 penalty points or more within a 3 year period, the Court must order the driver to be disqualified for a minimum period of 6 months.

Points are relevant from the date of offence to offence and not from the date of conviction. This means that delaying the Court’s process by dragging the matter out will not avoid a disqualification under the “totting up” regime.

My brief can help you achieve the best possible outcome. In some cases that maybe by attacking the current offence which puts you at risk of losing your licence , in others it maybe by using our experience to lessen the penalty.

We maybe able to argue exceptional hardship exsists in your case which will lead to the court not disqualifing you.

Alternatively , We may persuade the court to disqualify you for a short period on the most recent offence.

We dealt with a recent case at Sittingbourne Magistrates Court where One of our clients Mr H received a driving ban of 14 days rather than a mandatory disqualification of 6 months. this shorter period allowed him to keep his job (previously he had been unemployed for 9 months)and more importantly the family kept their house. It struck the right balance for punishing him for his speed but kept the punishment in proportion and allowed him to contribute to society through paying tax etc.

Having regrets won’t help but having mybrief on your side probably will.

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