Foreign Drivers

What if I am not a UK National ?


I run a small landscape gardening business and have recently employed a Polish driver who has been in this Country for 10 months. I have seen his Polish driving licence but I am concerned as to whether or not he is able to use this licence whilst driving my vehicle?


Your employee is ok to drive at the present time, but he will need to apply for a UK driving licence. This is because anyone coming to Great Britain with a foreign full licence driving permit is entitled to drive any vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes and to carry up to 8 passengers for up to 12 months. In order to drive beyond the 12 months a provisional GB driving licence must be obtained and a driving test(s) passed before that 12 month period elapses. Interestingly, if he attains a provisional licence during this period, he is not subject to provisional licence conditions e.g. he does not have to display “L” plates or be supervised by a qualified driver nor is he precluded from driving on motorways. If he has not attained a provisional licence after the first 12 months he must stop driving and obtain a British provisional licence with a view to passing a driving test. He will then be subject to provisional licence provisions.