Driving Bans

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Removal of Disqualification

In certain circumstances it is possible for a motorist to apply for the early return of their driving licence.

This does not apply if you have been disqualified until you have passed a driving test. However, this option is available if you were disqualified by a Court in England and Wales for a period longer than 2 years.

At least 2 years must have expired if the disqualification was for less than 4 years. If the disqualification was greater than 4 years (but less than 10 years) then half of the period of disqualification must have expired. For a disqualification greater than 10 years, 5 years must have elapsed.

Applications are likely to be opposed by the police and it is crucial that a motorist is represented if the application for removal of disqualification is to be successful.

At My brief we can fully prepare your case in order for the Court to have all facts before it considers whether to grant your application and therefore remove your disqualification early. This is important as, if the Court refuses your application, you cannot reapply until 3 months following the date of the Court’s refusal.

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