Driving Offences

Driving offences and its implications including drink driving and speeding

Have you been flashed by a speed camera? Have you received a speeding ticket? Fearing that you may lose your driving licence? Been asked to attend a police station? Have been stopped by the police who say you have been drink driving? We help to lessen your stress. For most people this is the first time they will have encountered the police or the court system and we realise it can be a worrying and daunting experience.

You may think you are all alone. You are wrong!

My brief Solicitors based in chatham and sevenoaks kent are here to guide you through the options available. We can vigorously investigate your case and see if the police have complied with the letter of the law. If they have, we can help you obtain the best possible outcome through our expertise. If they have not, we help you defend your case to the hilt, supporting you all the way. We are a dedicated and experienced firm who try to go that extra mile. So please contact us today and don’t delay! My brief Solicitors are specialist road traffic or motoring law solicitors dedicated to defending drivers charged with road traffic offences. Our team will provide an efficient yet friendly service aimed at guiding you through every stage of a road traffic prosecution.

We can assist if • you have received a speeding ticket. • you have received a ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution’. • you have received a summons or been charged with any driving offence. • you are due in court • you may lose your licence. • you think your car may have been flashed by a speed camera. • the police want to interview you in connection with an accident or incident. • you have been involved in a road traffic collision. • you have been arrested on suspicion of drink driving. • the police say you have gone through a red light. • you have been accused of driving dangerously or without due care. • you have been asked to produce your driving documents at your local police station.

If the above applies to you or you have any other road traffic query call us now on 0845 5674 999 or 01634 544544. We are on hand 24 hours a day. Our specialist team is waiting to take your call.

Friendly and efficient service highly recommended!

“I have not had many contacts with solicitors in the past but, by the courtesy shown and the very friendly attitude in which I was received and given information, I would not hesitate to recommend you.”

Mr R Pymm