Benefit Fraud

A Guide to Bail


I have been sent a letter from the benefit people saying that they are investigating me for a possible fraud. What does this mean?


Someone will be committing a benefit fraud if they fail to tell the DWP correct information about themselves. This includes accurate details of savings, family income, other adults living with them and ownership of any other land. A fraud could also be committed if someone tells the DWP that they are renting a property they actually own, pretends to be paying more rent than they are really, failing to inform about tenants moving out or asking an employer to say that they are earning less money than they actually are.


For cases involving benefit overpayment of over £20,000, a custodial sentence of around 9-12 months will normally be imposed. Large-scale benefit fraud can result in sentences of over 30 months. A jail sentence can contain a deterrent element and make ‘examples’ of people.

However there are quite a few things We at my brief Solicitors can do to help you .We employ benefits experts to work out the correct levels of claims and investigate our client’s circumstance. This will normally reduce the amount of overpayment by 80%.

We can further reduce a sentence by making representations as to the circumstances of the offence and how the fraud began, what the money was spent on and any particular special matters relevant such as family breakdown, illness or disability.

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