Another Not guilty Verdict

By 20th April 2011 January 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Mr Martin was found not guilty of ABH on his 8 year old son at Hove Crown court yesterday. Mr Martin had always protested his innocence throughout, but the Prosecution still proceeded to charge him. He contacted us at My brief Solicitors via the internet and we advised him to plead not guilty and elect crown court for his trial. We managed to instruct Mr Mason, a consultant, to provide an excellent medical report in support of Mr Martin’s case. Alistair Keith, a barrister of 5 Pump Court Chambers undertook the advocacy with Jeremy Betts acting for Mr Martin in the Magistrates Court and throughout. After the case Mr Martin said “I would like to thank My brief Solicitors for all their support and help throughout the case. I would especially like to thank Jeremy Betts who took the time and trouble of representing me in Sussex even though he is based in north Kent. I am sure without his help I would not have secured the proper result.” My brief Solicitors act in all courts in the country,so if you want expert attention please contact us today.