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Contesting a Will

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Contesting a Will
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Disputing Probate


My brief solicitors specialise in advising you whether you have a claim against someone's will. We will give you straightforward advice at a reasonable price. We will tell you what your chances are and how much it is likely to cost you.

If we feel that the cost will outweigh the benefit to you , we will tell you.
We do not want you to be a modern equivalent of Charles Dickens book "Bleak House" with litigation going on indefinitely and all the estate going on lawyer's fees !

We provide a service which can involve contesting a will in court, where either the validity of the document is called into question under probate law or there is a claim from someone who was not included as a beneficiary, or was inadequately provided for including relatives and dependants.

If the person who makes the will fails to make provision for a dependant then that person who may be a partner, a minor or a mentally disabled person is entitled to take action in the courts on the basis that the deceased had a responsibility to them which was not discharged.

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