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We recognise that seeing a solicitor often comes at a difficult and stressful time in our clients' lives. We aim to provide high quality legal advice combined with value for money, and believe our rates are very competitive.

Our costs commitment to our clients is:
A transparent fee structure, agreed in advance
Regular, fully itemised, billing
Value for money
No hidden extras
If your problem does not fit within a fixed fee structure, then 0ur fees are calculated on an hourly basis, depending on the seniority of the lawyer working on the case, and the complexity of the matter. For straightforward and routine cases, our hourly rates are:
Partner/solicitor - 150 per hour
Letters and telephone calls - 10% of hourly rate

All fees exclude VAT and disbursements such as medical or interpreter fees if appropriate. Complex cases may attract an uplift on the hourly rate, but this will be discussed and agreed with you in advance.

Reduced fee - Diagnostic Consultation
For all potential new clients we offer an initial diagnostic one hour consultation with a solicitor for a fixed fee of 125 plus VAT (and the costs of an interpreter if required). At this meeting we will:
Identify and understand your legal problem
Identify possible solutions and strategy
Give you an estimate of cost and timescale to resolve your problem.

The diagnostic consultation is very popular with prospective clients. Some use it as an opportunity to simply get a second opinion from an expert. Sometimes people proceed to take action themselves on the basis of advice given in the diagnostic interview and incur no further legal costs. Others instruct us to do further work and we agree fees with them. Diagnostic Consultations usually take place in our office but we are able to conduct them over the telephone or via email for those who live some distance from our office.

Fixed Fees
In straightforward cases we can agree a fixed fee for the whole case or certain stages in a case. We will be able to give you an indication as to whether your case is suitable for a fixed fee after an initial Diagnostic Consultation.


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