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What we can do for you ?

What we can do for you ?
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Conspiracy and organised Crime
Criminal Appeals
Drug Offences
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Mortgage Fraud
Robbery and Armed Robbery
Sexual Offences
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How we can help

If you are facing investigation, already under investigation, or have been arrested or charged with a serious crime, MyBrief Solicitors can help.
Cases deemed to be serious are tried before the Crown Court. Examples include offences of murder, robbery, kidnap, sexual offences, the importation and supply of drugs and people trafficking.

We have an impressive record of successfully defending such cases, due to our resolute and robust representation of clients facing these serious allegations.

We can offer help at any stage of the proceedings, but an individual's chances of success are greatly improved by seeking advice at the earliest stage of an investigation.

Types of Crime

We deal with all types of criminal offences including
▪ Murder
▪ drugs related crime
▪ Fraud
▪ Revenue and customs investigations
▪ money Laundering
▪ insider dealing
▪ corporate manslaughter
▪ evasion and diversion frauds
▪ Assaults
▪ shoplifting
▪ driving Offences
▪ Perverting the course of justice
▪ importation offences
▪ Dangerous Driving

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