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Representation at court FAQs

General FAQs
Representation at court FAQs
Who will represent me at court?

If you require representation My brief Solicitors will book and instruct a barrister who specialises in defending road traffic cases. We only use approved barristers who have a proven track record in this specialist field. We ask them to always phone us so we can pass on any specific instructions prior to the court appearance. We will confirm the identity of the Barrister well in advance of the hearing and will agree a fee based on your instructions. If you live in Kent, it is highly likely that you will be represented by a senior solicitor employed by this firm direct. If that is the case we would have already spoken to you and it will be a familiar voice.


How will My brief Solicitors instruct your barrister?

Once we have prepared your case fully, Motor Lawyers will supply detailed instructions to the Barrister clarifying the pros and cons of the case, tactics to be adopted and confirmation as to how the case should be presented on your behalf. The cases are prepared thoroughly and include a detailed review of all available evidence and clarification of all the relevant points of law. The instructions are then discussed with Counsel in order that you receive the best possible representation.


How much do I have to pay for a barrister?

Due to the number of cases that we handle My brief Solicitors can obtain preferential rates when instructing barristers. Whilst their fees will vary according to experience, location and the complexity of the case, for straightforward attendances in the Magistrates' Court, you should expect a fee from £250 + VAT. Even in the most complex cases, the fee should not exceed £500 + VAT. The fee agreed will include presentation of the case, all preparation and reading time on the part of the barrister, any pre–hearing discussion with you, travel time and waiting time. This is on the basis of the time estimate given in the fixed fee. As with ourselves the amount of the fee is agreed in advance. There are no hidden costs.


When do I have to pay for the barrister?

Payment of Counsel's fees must clear in advance of a hearing.


Do I get to meet with my advocate before the hearing?

In the majority of cases your advocate will discuss any issues with you at Court immediately prior to the hearing. We suggest that most clients arrive 45 minutes prior to the designated time for this purpose. If you have any queries prior thereto, liaise with us and we will ensure that they are dealt with and included in the advocate's instructions.


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